Busy Season Blues

After two months of working 12+ hours, I finally finished my first busy season! No one (well maybe some) understands how happy I am to have my life back. Waking up at 5:30 to work all day and night & not get home until 11 or sometimes 1:30 had to be the WORST! Nonetheless, I learned a great deal about auditing, the industry, the company, as well as myself. Here are my top five takeaways from my post busy season blues.

Be A Sponge – After two weeks of starting and completing training, there was no time to waste! I was placed on a client, assigned new tasks, and required to keep up with the pace. Let’s be honest, I broke down a few times. There was so much information, knowledge about the industry/the company that I did not know, but this was prime opportunity to absorb all the information that I could. Before my favorite senior left, he told me to be a sponge, absorb as much as I could from everywhere/everyone I could. Take some time to look at previous’ years work try to understand before doing anything yourself. Learn from the people around you, see what works for them and try it! If it doesn’t, be unique and make it your own. That was the best advice for a newbie like me! 

Ask questions – One thing that I’ve learned throughout my internships and starting full time is not being afraid of asking questions. Yes you may have been the best while in school, but you won’t know it all starting with the firm or company. Realize that you will need to ask sometimes for more clarification and maybe a little assistance. I had moments of feeling intimidated by my seniors or managers. Hey, some are extremely knowledgable about the industry and the way they communicate can make you reevaulate your life. but just a hint, they want you to ask questions! That’s what superiors are for! If you don’t ask, you really won’t know. 

Pay Attention to Your Health – There’s no surprise. You’re becoming an “adult” which requires taking charge of making necessary appointments, eating well, exercising, and sleeping regularly. During busy season that doesn’t exist; however, one must learn to back away when need be. Due to lack of sleep, my body started to react and the affects showed physically. With deadlines and items due, I felt timid and guilty about leaving and/or speaking up, but my health was more important and our seniors were very understanding of that. 

Take Things One Day at a Time – This was my approach everyday of the audit! We were due to finish the auidt on the 7th of this month; however our lives had different plans for us. March 7th wasn’t realistic, so March 11th became the new date. We stayed late, worked hard even on the weekends to find out that everything would not be done in time and pushed back until the 18th. It felt like the twlight zone! Yes, deadlines are important, but it’s wise when you are overwhlemed with work and life starts to get hectic, you take each day, each task one at a time. Eventually, we signed off on last Tuesday. I finally able to see the hard work we put in paid forward, and understand the big picture. 

Laugh A Little – I’ve heard so many horror stories about busy season; for example, people staying until 3 or 4 in morning then coming back at 8. Or staying in hotels and working through the night, but I’m blessed to say that wasn’t my experience. We had a really great team and the best part… we were able to laugh and joke together. Everyone gets so caught up in the audit and begins to feel defeated when in actuality, everyone is feeling the exact same way! Everyone had their moments of wanting to quit and find something better or spending 10 minutes discussing why they chose an accounting profression, but we were able to make a joke about at the end of the day. We created nicknames, made friends on our coffee runs to Starbucks, and learned to laugh at our mistakes. 

Okay, so maybe my busy season blues weren’t as bad when I write them out and reflect on them, but just know I’m overjoyed that it’s over and I can get back to blogging. I’m also new to lifestyle posts so if this is helpful and you would like to see more, leave a comment and let me know! 

As always, 

– Be Wall Street Chic

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