Thank You, Twenty-Five

thank you, twenty-five

Twenty-Five Looking back to when I was eighteen imagining twenty-five, I envisioned having a great job, car, apartment, relationship/moving towards engagement, and finally building my business. Little did I know that I would’ve only accomplished 40% of that so far. Overall, twenty-five was a year FULL of changes for me! Within the past year, I learned A LOT […]

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F.W.B.W, doesn’t have the same ring to it as F.U.B.U. but you get where I’m going here. In honor of Women’s History Month, I put together a list of books written by women for women. I haven’t been on my reading game this year like I should, so I believe this is the perfect time […]

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New Year, New Chic on Wall St.?

Here’s to the first blog post of 2018 and the most drastic change yet! For the first time in two weeks, I sat down on Sunday to write my first post for 2018. I had spent numerous time thinking, planning, and strategizing on all of my brands including Chic on Wall St. and I was ready to […]

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