DevaCurl Wash Day Detangler

DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanser Detangler
Somehow Influenster knew my wash day was approaching and sent me my DevaCurl VoxBox. When wash day comes around, we all know what the worst part of the day is…DETANGLING! After having amazing wash and go hairstyles for days at a time, my hair becomes very dry and tangled in particular parts of my head. Normally, the process of getting through my hair gently can last up to 30 minutes (if I’m going section by section) without ripping out my strands.

DevaCurl Product Review

Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanser Detangler

DevaCurl’s Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanser Detangler is to provide slip, add shine, and resist breakage. Right before you cleanse your hair, begin with this pre-cleanse detangler. This product pertains key ingredients such as Pracaxi oil and Saffron flower. Pracaxi oil provides slip while saffron flower adds shine with a soothing and warm scent. In addition, DevaCurl’s detangler has a natural sugar-based technology that helps strengthen hair to resist breakage. Bonus, this product is vegan, wheat-free, and silicone-free. Overall, we’ve got a winner on our hands from DevaCurl.


Start your wash day off by wet your head of curls and separate them into sections. Apply the detangler to your hair right before cleansing. Ensure that the product is saturated throughout your hair. Gently detangle from the bottom up with your fingers. A comb is not necessary! Then apply your preference of cleanser to your hair and wash hair as routinely as possible. Finally, wash out your cleanser, then condition and style as usual.

DevaCurl Product Review


Since receiving the product, I’ve used the detangler over three times to make sure my experience was authentic and the product was true to other reviews. I’m pleased to say that I have no negative opinions about this product. My only concern is the price. DevaCurl is on the higher end of products for curly hair; however, I would rather save a few coins to purchase this product than cutting off months worth growth that resulted in single strand knots. I was able to find this product at Sephora,, and even Amazon.


Wash Day Wonder Detangler

Curly, coily, and kinky hair requires time and patience when handling. Using a product like this helps our process tremendously. As the weather gets warm and wash and go’s become more relevant, I would recommend this product as a staple in your regimen.

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