Euro Takeover – France

Euro Takeover - France

Can’t believe a month ago I went on an adventure of Europe for the FIRST TIME! I’ve been dreaming of my first trip to Paris, France since I was a sophomore in High School. I’ve been trying for YEARS to make my trip happen, but it never did. I was determined to be selfish and make my dream a reality this year! Thanks to my travel blogger over at Stamp My Passport NYC, I researched my trip and itinerary, got my credit card and booked my first out of country trip.

Let me start off by saying how BEAUTIFUL my trip overall was. The scenery, architecture, the history… I was/am still in awe that I was able to step foot on those grounds. A BLESSING!

Today’s post is all about Paris and Burgundy, France – the first stop on our European Tour. Two days/two nights in Paris wasn’t enough, but we saw as much as we could! Disclaimer: if you are looking for a ton of super touristy & historical stops in France, you won’t get a full recommendation from me! I still have a running list of places, myself.

Euro Trip - France


Our trip started off a bit rocky. Rather than fly to London first, our flight was delayed and we flew straight to Paris. (a blessing in disguise)

We landed around 7 am at Charles de Gaulle Airport and headed towards our hotel to meet with our tour group. Ubers are present in Paris, FYI.  I called for an Uber and we spoke using the basic French terms.  The drive was about 20 minutes for about 40 euros.



Driving to the hotel was BREATHTAKING. I continuously kept saying “Bruh, we’re in Paris” lmao. We had to wait a bit for our IBIS hotel room, so we explored the grounds around our hotel to only get lost locating the mall.

After getting lost in La Defense (the area where we stayed), we found our way back to our hotel room to prepare for our driving tour of Paris for the afternoon. I honestly wasn’t prepared for how beautiful Paris was.

We started off seeing Neuilly-sur-Seine, Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile, and getting out to Place du Trocadero to see the Effiel Tower. Next, we saw Place de la Concorde, Louvre Museum, and ending with the Notre-Dame de Paris. Between the history and the sites, again I was in AWE!

Our tour group was dropped off at the Notre-Dame de Paris. The stroll to our restaurant for dinner in the Latin Quarter while the sunset was amazing. We enjoyed live entertainment with our steak, potatoes, and wine. To end our night, we took Paris’ world famous metro system,  which was easy to navigate! Day 1 was AMAZING, but the time change was definitely kicking my a**!

Euro Trip - France


Euro Trip - France


Navigating through Paris was rather easy surprisingly. We located our top two locations for the day and hopped on the metro for about 6 euros round trip.

There were so many places that I wanted to see, but the Musee de Louvre was top of my list. Knowing that the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, we were lucky to visit that Monday before leaving Paris. We strolled through the greenery of the Tuileries Gardens first, which were in bloom. The statues are just as picturesque as what we see in the history books. 

Euro Trip - France

Because of our tour guide, we were able to find a side entrance to the museum rather than wait in the two-hour line. I’m a history freak, so seeing the statues of Greek Gods and touring Napoleon’s home was fulfilling. I also took a picture with/of the Mona Lisa. It’s small if you haven’t heard by now.

Euro Trip - France

Euro Trip - France

Euro Trip - France

Euro Trip - France

The museum has 4 floors and is divided into sections making it IMPOSSIBLE to visit and absorb everything in one day. Once we left the garden and museum, we traveled to get a bite to eat. The food overall was amazing everywhere we went. You are watching your diet, you will be pleased to know that healthy eating options are readily available.

For the main attraction, we headed for a closer view of the Eiffel Tower. The walk along the water made the whole day complete.

Euro Trip - France

There were a TON of things I didn’t have the opportunity to do. For example, travel up the Eiffel Tower, walk and shop the Champs-Élysées, and visit the Palace of Versailles. Best believe on my next trip to France, I will set aside a few days in Paris to do all of those things.


On Tuesday, we left Paris for Switzerland; but before we left France, we stopped in Burgundy for food and sightseeing. I love the architecture so much because of the center we walked around. The shops were modern (we found Sephora), but the exterior is breathe-taking. It lowkey reminded me of Beauty and the Beast and the town center (sorry, but it did). Even the castle while traveling could have been in the movie.

Euro Trip - France

Euro Trip - France

Soooooo much occurred over the course of three days! France, was a dream come true! Switzerland was a place I didn’t expect I would love however. So take tuned for part II of my Euro Trip.

But, before we go, I included some similar pieces I wore while there. Take a look!


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