New Year, New Chic on Wall St.?

Here’s to the first blog post of 2018 and the most drastic change yet!

For the first time in two weeks, I sat down on Sunday to write my first post for 2018. I had spent numerous time thinking, planning, and strategizing on all of my brands including Chic on Wall St. and I was ready to jump back into the blogging game. I went through my notebook with a list of topics I would cover, making sure whichever one I picked first would be purposeful content rather than fluff that kept my stats up. A second past and I caught myself staring into space, pondering the question, “Britt, what are you doing?” The direction for my blog had come to a dead end and I needed to take action. My first thought, end Chic on Wall St.

Flashback to August

I revamped the website and had content coming out every week for two months straight (quite a record for me actually). I was traveling, working, and developing content I was proud of. Three days into the month of October, I was let go off from my first post-grad job. To be quite honest, I knew it was coming. I HATED my job and I was binding my time until I found a new position, but I don’t work on my time. I work on GOD’S time (that’s another topic for another day.) Honestly, I was disappointed in my performance. In my head, I knew I was good enough, but my pride had me feeling like a failure. I don’t know of anyone getting laid off this early in the game. Little did I know, it would be one of my greatest blessings of 2017. 

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” – Oprah Winfrey, Golden Globes 2018

What Now?

It’s 2018, my days in New York and anywhere close to Wall St. are over, and I wear sweats more than I wear slacks. That question of “what am I doing?” lead me to question the direction of Chic on Wall St. For three months, I’ve held in my secrets and insecurities in fear of what others would think of me; however, if I plan to keep blogging, the gig has to be up. The blogging world is FILLED with people faking the funk and getting themselves into debt for a great Instagram pic. I needed to be 100% authentic and real with my audience as well as myself. So, I closed out of my post drafts and got the brainstorming and redesigning.

The end of Chic on Wall St.

Chic on Wall St. was my baby when I first graduated undergrad and wasn’t anywhere near my dreams. It’s provided me with opportunities I only saw on my vision board. Blogging has increased my writing ability and my confidence. I’ve also collaborated with individuals that I never thought I would. However, like most things, they come to an end.

In the newness of the season, rebranding my blog space was necessary. The Chic on Wall St. chapter has come to a close, but my life story has many twists and turns that I want to document along the way. And just like this post, the journey isn’t always pretty. I just want to make them as chic as possible! With that said, welcome to The Chic Chapters.

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