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What better way to spend a Friday afternoon in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, mingling and dining on Thai cuisine with some inspiring, motivational, and fashionable women discussing the fashion industry, everyday obstacles, and how to persevere through all of it.

Style Conversations is a series of luncheons in various cities to promote Sara Jones’s new book “The PlayBook To Essential Style”. The book covers many topics that will teach readers basic styling techniques to build a stylish and chic wardrobe. The playbook is all-inclusive with style advice, designing tips, and insight that emphasizes on self-expression through fashion and the importance of having fun with what you wear. The Playbook to Essential Style covers: Staple – essential pieces every wardrobe should have, dress codes, where to shop…and so much more! Within these pages, you will learn, build, and explore your essential style!

I have to highlight one chapter that caught my attention, which was dress code. The book features 10 different fashion styles and the specific events they are deemed for. I’m so glad she mentioned, business formal, business casual, and dressy casual! They coincide with Chic on Wall St. so well!.

While the luncheon was to promote “PlayBook To Essential Style”, it brought together several unique women passionate about similar topics. Designer/stylist, Sara Crawford-Jones of fashion brand Anara Original and published Author of The Playbook to Essential Style led the dialogue by discussing various topics of fashion, personal branding, owning success, or handling business. The Style Conversations private event provided us with the opportunity to network, pitch business ideas, and exchange sound advice that we could all benefit from.

In a beautiful restaurant filled with beautiful individuals inside and out, sharing an abundance of wisdom, how could you not leave there feeling more inspired and motivated? I gained more knowledge on industry rundowns, ways to be more authentic and consistent on my social media, and more comfort in knowing what I’m doing is beneficial and can leave a lasting impression on others. It was truly an honor to be hand-picked for this opportunity (even though we were extremely hot traveling around Times Square lol). Thank you Sara for allowing me to be apart of your pilot event!

Interested in attending the next Style Conversation event? The private event will take place on December 18th in Delaware. Be a part of this Stylish conversation, network, learn, and share.  To request an invitation or details for a Style Conversation near you visit

“Style is ultimately about self-expression—reflecting your inner beauty onto the outside and sharing it through style choices by using a simple foundation and building onto it.” – Sara Crawford-Jones

For more information on The Playbook to Essential Style, or Sara Crawford-Jones herself, check out the linked information below. Be sure to follow and witness the unfolding of Style Conversations and Sara Crawford-Jones as she embarks on this new journey.

Sara Crawford-Jones


Twitter: @anaraoriginal

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Facebook: Anara Original 

– Be Wall Street Chic


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