Thank You, Twenty-Five

thank you, twenty-five


Looking back to when I was eighteen imagining twenty-five, I envisioned having a great job, car, apartment, relationship/moving towards engagement, and finally building my business. Little did I know that I would’ve only accomplished 40% of that so far.

Overall, twenty-five was a year FULL of changes for me! Within the past year, I learned A LOT about myself that I never imagined I would. Plenty of failures, but a handful of wins and accomplishments. On my twenty-sixth birthday, I reflect on the lessons I’ve learned and what I look forward to in my next 365 days around the sun.

twenty-five taught me to…

JUMP! Knowing that I am a perfectionist, I will NEVER be “ready” for my dreams! Perfection is a distraction all on its own. I will never have the right amount of money and I will never have the perfect situation in terms of jobs; so it’s best to step out on faith and jump towards my dreams!

Be More Selfish. Lord only knows how many times I put myself second when it came to professional moves, relationships/friendships, and my time. I learned that there is NOTHING WRONG with being selfish and putting myself first. When my job wasn’t the best fit, I reevaluated my goals and made the decision  to leave (even though they beat me to it.) When friendships and relationships were draining me more than feeding me, I distanced myself for my own well-being. If there are dreams that I’m dying to accomplish, make those dreams a reality before anyone else’s.

Protect My Space. I’m big on what I listen to and what effect I want it to have on me. Starting from the type of music I listen to. Nothing wrong with today’s music, but I need something with a message. There are some classics already that I have on repeat to keep me going. I’ve also distanced myself. There was once a time when I could be around any and everyone & still be my cheerful self. I’ve noticed a few people that were once good for me aren’t good for my current life and its situations. I REFUSE to have certain people and vibes in my space, anymore. We’ve all heard that not everyone is meant to stay in your life. I’ve found this to be true.

thank you, twenty five

I also learned to…

Promote Yourself. I’ve been working extra hard on my blog and my clothing brand. It won’t get to the level I have envisioned if I don’t promote my work! If you get annoyed with seeing my posts EVERYWHERE…sorry, not sorry! I will continue to put myself in the best positions so I can get to where I need to go!

PRAY MORE. I’ve had to work on my faith A LOT in year 25. I still can’t see all of the plans and how they will come to fruition; however, that isn’t my job, too. My favorite bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” When anxiety and anxiousness tried to take over, I would start reciting this verse to give me the strength to get through my current obstacle. 

Trust The Journey. Easier said than done; but nonetheless,  truly worth the reward. Once you understand that you are in the exact position you are meant to be, the vision and direction become a little more clear and less overwhelming.

P.S. QUIT THE COMPARISONS! Someone else’s chapter 30 doesn’t compare to your chapter 16, so please reduce your time spent on Facebook and Instagram.

Pretty sure I’ve learned more, but these are my favorite lessons.

at twenty-six, I’m looking forward to…

thank you, twenty-five

Building my Business. I told the leap of faith & started my clothing line Caliber X. I’m looking forward to my continuous effort of bringing my designs to life and eventually launching our collection in September.

Traveling. I am less than 20 days away from my first international trip! I’m ready to explore outside of my own backyard and gain a little more culture.

Growing in God. I wouldn’t be who I am, have what I have if it wasn’t for my Lord and Savior. I will continue to acknowledge his presence and the great things he has done in my life. That spirit of peace I feel when I’m in the right place, at the right time I want to continue to feel that presence in everything I do. I plan on building my trust and leaning on his words and promises. You have no idea the tests I’ve overcome learning from that alone.

Learning Me. When you start to love yourself, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU! I’ve learned so much about myself that I have moments where I just shout, “I love me, man!” It’s the absolute BEST feeling! I thought twenty-five was my best me? I can’t wait to dig deeper and discover new versions of myself.

Being Present. I do a lot of planning and day-dreaming, but I’m looking forward to being present and living in the moment every chance I get.

thank you, twenty-five

So, here’s to my first day of 26 and the year of dreams I plan to accomplish. Thank you 25 for all you brought me and revealed to me!

When getting over your quarter-life crisis, I hope these gems are helpful to you and your journey. Are you following along on social media? Follow me on Instagram @thechicchapters and @itsbrittmonique

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