Blogger of the former “Chic on Wall St.”, Brittany Bowers, is an Entrepreneur and aspiring Designer based in New Jersey. Brittany is a graduate of Hampton University’s 5-Year Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. By providing authentic, quality content, she demonstrates that expression of one’s self has no limits or boundaries. Brittany enjoys incorporating her love for fashion with her business background to educate others and bring beauty into unique spaces. 

The Emergence of “The Chic Chapters”

After graduating with her Bachelors in 2014, Brittany realized she wasn’t doing something she loved wholeheartedly, which was fashion. A degree and full-time position wasn’t enough. Instead, she decided to channel that emptiness by blogging her professional journey of dressing for work, giving birth to the blog “Chic on Wall St.” October 2017, that chapter of corporate America came to an end as well as Chic on Wall St. Realizing that life has different chapters, she decided to rebrand and make each chapter as chic as possible. Welcome to The Chic Chapters.