TruthInReality x CeilingBreakers – Redefining HERstory

Last evening, I attended an event that was altogether moving, empowering, inspiring, and motivational. Truth in Reality and Ceiling Breakers teamed together to bring us a preview of “Redefining HERstory” Documentary. What a great way to end Women’s History Month!

This feature length documentary aims to change the narrative of how the world’s most exploited demographics: African American and Afro-Latina women are depicted in the media. Sil Lai Abrams, CEO of Truth In Reality, said it best in her trailer description stating, “We envision that our film will expose the truth about the origin and damage of these images, explore the diversity and beauty of black womanhood, encourage adults and young people to make informed, thoughtful decisions about the media they consume, and spark a national dialogue on the need to diversify the existing images of black and Afro-Latina women across all media platforms.” The trailer is linked below. Take a look! 

(SIDEBAR – The film is expected to be released late next year)

My expertise is not in media, but we all can see the imagery being displayed of who they claim us to be and how they expect us to act. It’s time to change the dialogue and tackle the stereotypes head on! The question that was raised yesterday was “What can we do?” I’m not at liberty to tell any and everyone how to go about it, but as for myself, it’s bringing awareness to the issue. It’s continuing my efforts to bring positive messages and images to my peers and the next generation. It’s reaching out to my communities and showing them the other storylines that are out there.

Redefining HERstory is more than a film…it’s a movement. We all have a platform, whether it’s a film, a camera, website, or classroom, it’s our job to assist in this movement and help change the narrative. Small changes are just as impactful as the big ones.  

For more information on these amazing women, the movements, and the companies alike, I have linked all of their information below. Be sure to follow them and witness the amazing changes and events that will be coming your way very soon. If you liked the trailer, leave your comments down below!

Truth In Reality 


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Ceiling Breakers 


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– Be Wall Street Chic 

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